making a house a home

Making a House a Home

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Making a House a Home. Those Little Touches That Make The Difference.

When you make your house more inviting with personalised touches, it will feel like home. Your home should be a place you feel comfortable in, while meeting your lifestyle requirements.

If you are preparing to build or renovate a property, turning a house into a home can be achieved with innovative thinking and quality finishes. Here are just a few little touches that could make a real difference:

Entertaining in the Kitchen

The kitchen is going to be the heart of your home, as a space you share with family and friends. When building a new home with Momu in WA, you will have a choice of inclusions. Your kitchen will feel luxurious and will be a room you enjoy cooking in, with Essastone benchtops and stainless steel appliances. A butler’s pantry or scullery will give you extra room for your ingredients and kitchenware.

When you like cooking you will be more inclined to entertain, and your house will feel like home when you are confident hosting guests. Depending on the space, you can invest in a large table and chair setting, barstools, and ambient lighting.

The Great Outdoors

If you feel as though you are trapped inside, your house will never feel quite like home. Work on the outdoor area, starting with paving and a patio. This will give you somewhere to sit and enjoy the view, or unwind with a BBQ lunch.

A comfortable lounge or table setting and a lawn, garden, or retaining walls will make the space more welcoming. For those who are committed, growing herbs or vegetables will give you pride in your backyard.

Welcome to the Living Area

The living area should be a relaxed space, and LED downlights, high ceilings, soft carpet underfoot, and a wall mounted television will make it a room you never want to leave.

Choose subtle, plain paint colours on the walls and ceiling, and enliven the living area with artwork and a lounge setting. Extra storage will help to keep it clutter free, and this can be done with clever cabinets.

Be sure to include an efficient and effective heating and cooling system to ensure the temperature is pleasant, all year round.

Bathe in a Bathroom Oasis

The bathroom is another room that requires some thought. As you shower or bath, you will want to wash away the stress of the day and this should be a calm space.

Earthy tones and large tiles will set the mood. Add an oversized water-saving shower head, framed shower screen and pivot door to give you a hotel experience every day.

Customisable Floor Plans

When you choose an experienced building company such as Momu Homes you will get the option of a customisable floor plan. This flexibility gives you the chance to make your house feel like a home, right from the start.

This will suit your needs perfectly, as you add extra rooms, wardrobes, or a butler’s kitchen, modify the elevation, or change the entire layout. With so many choices, the right design will make you love your home and give you a place that is adaptable as your family grows.