Frame Stage Inspections Melbourne

Frame stage inspections Melbourne. When it comes to ensuring the quality and compliance of your new house frame, Frame Stage Inspections Melbourne is your trusted partner. Our professional inspection service is specifically designed to be carried out after the frame has obtained approval from the private Building Surveyor appointed by your builder. Unlike the brief and hurried inspections conducted by the builder’s surveyor, which typically last only 10-20 minutes due to their overwhelming workload, our inspection is thorough and detailed.

Melbourne’s Premier Inspections for New House Frames

Our comprehensive building inspections Melbourne encompasses various crucial elements, ensuring that your new home meets the highest standards of construction and safety. Here’s a closer look at what our inspection entails:

  • Concrete Slab Examination: We inspect the concrete slab, paying close attention to its perimeter. Our experienced inspectors carefully check for any exposed steel that may compromise the structural integrity of the slab. Additionally, we thoroughly examine the edges for any blow-outs that could potentially obstruct the cavity width. Furthermore, we assess the presence of any bottom plate overhang. If left unaddressed, this could lead to undesirable rotation of the wall’s bottom plates.
  • Concrete Finish Evaluation: The quality of the concrete finish is another crucial aspect we scrutinize during our inspection. Excessive cracking or dusting can indicate potential issues with the concrete’s durability and long-term performance. By thoroughly examining the concrete finish, we ensure that it meets the necessary standards and specifications.
  • Compliance of Constructed Wall Frames: Our inspectors conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the constructed wall frames. We assess for compliance with the Building Code and AS 1684 – Residential timber framed construction. . We verify the precise alignment of the frames. This includes checking for plumbness to ensure that they meet the required vertical alignment standards. Additionally, we pay close attention to the correct installation of bracing. Bracing plays a critical role in providing structural stability and resistance against external forces.
  • Roof Truss Installation and Bracing: The roof truss installation is a vital component of your new home’s structure. During our inspection, we thoroughly examine the roof truss system, ensuring that it is properly installed and braced. This includes assessing the alignment, fastening, and overall stability of the trusses to guarantee a secure and reliable roofing structure.
  • Evaluation of Approved Engineering Design: If you have provided us with approved engineering designs, we review them to ensure that the as-built structure aligns with the specified requirements. By cross-referencing the design plans with the actual construction, we verify that the as-built structure complies with the engineering standards and regulations.

Expert Frame Stage Inspection Report by Our Melbourne Home Consultants

Frame stage inspections Melbourne

At Frame Stage Inspections Melbourne, we prioritise the quality and integrity of your new house frame. Our team of experienced and qualified inspectors utilises their expertise and attention to detail to provide you with a comprehensive inspection report. We highlight any areas that require attention or rectification.

With our thorough inspection services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new home is built to the highest standards.

Contact us today to schedule your frame stage inspection and ensure the structural soundness of your new house in Melbourne.