asbestos testing Melbourne

Asbestos Testing Melbourne

Asbestos testing Melbourne. Nearly 1/3 of all homes in Australia contain Asbestos. Before any maintenance or renovations are started, it is highly recommended that an Asbestos inspection is conducted. It is highly likely that if your home was built prior to 1985, that Asbestos will be present. Master Building Inspectors Melbourne provides prompt, efficient and safe Asbestos sampling and testing, Asbestos visual inspections and Asbestos management plans. Safety is our main priority, with our inspectors receiving ongoing training!
asbestos testing Melbourne
asbestos testing Melbourne

Melbourne's Leading Asbestos Inspectors

Master Building Inspectors Melbourne provide a premier Asbestos testing and inspection service. Our inspectors are highly trained, qualified, prompt and knowledgeable in all aspects of Asbestos testing and reporting. To achieve this, all findings are detailed in a formatted report, and emailed within 24 hours of receiving the laboratory results. To obtain 100% certainty on asbestos containing materials, sampling is required. For your peace of mind, only NATA accredited laboratories are used to make this determination. Master Building Inspectors Melbourne is a one stop shop for all Asbestos testing Melbourne services because we are the best.

Visual Inspection

  • Management advice
  • Full report
  • Condition and locations list
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Management Plan

  • Safework procedures & control measures
  • Asbestos register
  • Detailed schedule
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Types of Asbestos

Asbestos is a fibrous material, naturally occurring and used as a building material between 1950 and the 1980s. Asbestos was the go-to material due to its strong, heat-resistant properties. Asbestos is still used in other countries, however it has been banned in Australia since 2003.

When conducting building works (renovations, extensions, trades etc), there are three main types of asbestos that are commonly detected:

  1. Chrysotile
  2. Amosite
  3. Crocidolite

People that work in the building industry such as builders, carpenters, roofers and electricians should be made aware of the risks prior to remedial/building works occurring on your property.

Fortunately, Asbestos is perfectly safe whilst encapsulated. It only poses a safety hazard once the particles become air-borne and are inhaled. It is recommended that Asbestos that is in good condition is either removed, or painted and kept damage free.

Only confirmation of samples by an accredited National Association of Testing Authorities testing laboratory can confirm asbestos is present.

Best to call MBI Melbourne for specialist advice if you are considering any renovations or demolition. We can conduct a thorough Asbestos inspection with minimal notice. The Safe Work code of practice can be found here.

Common Areas Asbestos is Found

Asbestos testing Melbourne. Asbestos is common found around residential properties in the following areas:

  1. Wall cladding- internal & external
  2. Roof sheeting
  3. Super six fencing
  4. Vinyl flooring & carpets
  5. Eaves sheeting, hot water pipes, downpipes & gutters
  6. Insulation
  7. Electric meter boxes
  8. Sheds & garages