Building inspections Malvern

Building Inspections Malvern

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Building Inspections Malvern. Master Building Inspectors Melbourne are one of Victoria’s premier building inspection companies.

MBI provide thousands of satisfied clients with the peace of mind that their property has been inspected by the industries best.

The Master Building Inspectors team consists of experienced, registered, qualified builders. Therefore, all building inspectors are fully trained to undertake all residential and commercial property inspections.

Whether building a new home or buying an existing, we can provide you with a quality report delivered fast. Reports are typically emailed the same day or within 24 hours of the inspection.

More importantly, all our reports are fully insured.

The primary job of a building inspector when conducting a pre-purchase building inspection is to identify flaws in a property. These defects are classified into either major or minor defects.

Therefore, it is extremely important that buyers hire qualified professionals.

We will make sure that all accessible areas are inspected properly with all defects highlighted in the building inspection report.

Our new construction reports can be requested at any time during the building process. All defects identified during an inspection are referenced against the applicable building code or Australian standard requirement, with specific clauses included.

Therefore, this is what sets us apart and makes us a leader in our field. Our services are extremely competitively priced and surprisingly affordable. Contact Master Building Inspectors Melbourne today for more information.


Building inspections Malvern

We provide the following reports:

  • Pre-purchase structural inspections Malvern
  • Pre-purchase complete inspections Malvern
  • New construction building inspections Malvern
  • Slab inspections Malvern
  • Brickwork inspections Malvern
  • Roof frame inspections Malvern
  • Lockup inspections Malvern
  • PCI inspections Malvern
  • Specific home inspections Malvern
  • Termite inspections Malvern
  • Strata reports
    To arrange a quote or an inspection for a property in Malvern call today on 1300 852 496

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We also conduct building inspections Perth.