Pre-purchase structural building inspections

Pre-Purchase Structural Building Inspections

Pre-purchase structural building inspections are provided when only an assessment of the structure is required.

The inspection comprises of a visual assessment of the property, to identify major defects to the accessible areas of the buildings structure.

Pre-purchase structural building inspections are a basic inspection to determine structure faults with a property. The following items are generally not included:

• General maintenance issues.
• Serviceability damp issues such as stormwater drainage or condensation issues.
• Any area that was not accessible.
• Any non-structural elements, eg: windows, doors, general gas, plumbing, electrical wiring, fencing, non-structural damp issues, floor coverings, painting, tiling etc.
• Damp issues such as rising or lateral damp should only be reported on where structural damage has occurred, may occur or is occurring at the time of inspection.


The areas inspected are:
• The building’s interior
• The building’s exterior
• The roof cavity
• The sub-floor
• Garages
As per Australian standard AS 4349.1 – Inspection of buildings requirements, structures and/or outbuildings located within 30 m of the building are all accessed.
The purpose of this report is purely to identify structural defects. These defects are categorised as major defects in the report, which the client then typically negotiates with the seller regarding rectification works and/or a lower purchase price.

Structural reports are also beneficial for existing home owner concerned over cracking or movement related issues. Why should you have a building inspection conducted prior to purchase. Find out here.


There is currently no minimum qualification to conduct pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne.
It is always recommended to ask the qualifications and/or experience of an inspector prior to engaging their services. Checking your building inspectors credentials is highly recommended.

Unfortunately there are many mum and dad inspectors operating in Melbourne, who have no prior experience in the building industry.

• Master Building Inspectors franchisees are all experienced builders, registered with the Victorian Building Authority.
• All inspectors are highly trained in the inspection and reporting process.
• We are members of the Housing Industry Association.
• Every MBI building inspector holds full professional indemnity & public liability insurances.

Our reports are easy to read, straight forward and provide recommendations for repair. All building reports are typically emailed with 24 hours of each building inspection.

For all your structural building inspection enquiries, contact us today on 1300 852 496.

We can provide advice and make the necessary arrangements to access the property with a few days’ notice.