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Pest Inspections. In Australia, there are more than 350 species of termites. However, the extensive and costly damage to building structures is only caused by about 30 species of termites. Unfortunatelty, stopping termites from accessing a building is extremely difficult.

This is why in addition to the installation of termite barriers, regular maintenance should be conducted (removal of timbers near the property & preventing damp conditions around the property etc).  Inspections conducted by a trained and competent are a must to manage the risk of termite activity.

This is recommended prior to the purchase of any property that is more than 1 year old. Typically builder's apply a chemical barrier around a newly built property and this generally will only be effective for 12 months. Regular termite inspections in Melbourne are also recommended once settlement has occurred and you have taken possession of the new property.

It is always recommended that an unobstructed space is left between ground and primary building elements. This helps to reveal their presence during a visual inspection. A reliable indicator to find if a  property has up to date termite treatments is to look in the meter box.

A durable notice is required to be fixed once a treatment has occurred. This is required to be placed in a prominent location, and the meter box is generally the best place! We can also assist with Termite treatments Perth.

National Construction Code Management Systems 

There is always the potential for risk of attack to the timber structure of a building where subterranean termites are known to be present. Termite risk management may not be required if the property is constructed out of the following materials:

  • Preservative treated timber
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Steel or aluminium
  • Naturally termite resistant timber

Installation of an appropriate termite barrier is required when there is deemed a termite risk and the primary building elements are at risk of attack.

The risk of damage to the structural members of a property can be reduced with the installation of Termite management systems. These systems are commonly physical barriers installed during construction of the property, however they cannot prevent the entry of termites but help to deter concealed entry points. The City of Melbourne's termite requirements can be found at the link.

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Acceptable termite barriers are dependant on the National Construction Code (BCA) requirements, and can include:

  • Slab edge exposure
  • Termite shielding
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Graded stone
  • Chemicals