pre purchase building Inspectors advice


Advice with choosing the right building inspector to inspect the property

Building Inspection Advice. In Victoria the building inspection industry is unregulated. This means anyone can set themselves up to conduct pre-purchase building inspections which can obviously have serious ramifications where a building inspector is unqualified and/or inexperienced to detected major defects or structural faults in a property.

We also provide advice regarding property damage which may occur during the course of a new build. Defective building work can result in damage to a building and the responsibility to rectify these defects can vary between the builder and owner, depending on the situation.

The term builder is defined under the Domestic Building Contracts Act as a person or partnership which:

  • Carries out domestic building work
  • Manages or arranges the carrying out of domestic building work
  • Intends to carry out, or to manage domestic building work

The team at Master Building Inspectors Melbourne all come from building trade backgrounds. All our building inspectors have had years of practical building and supervisory experience, completed the Diploma in Building and Construction and progressed on to become registered builders.

This allows us to be familiar with current building techniques, building compliance and Australian standard requirements.

Given that the Pre-purchase building inspection industry in Victoria is not overseen by the Victorian Building Commission, it is always recommended that people engage the services of suitably qualified persons (such as a licensed builder, surveyor or an architect) to inspect their property.

When such large amounts of money are involved, why would you risk it with unqualified inspectors! Further information can be found at this link: Building Inspections Melbourne


  • We at Master Building Inspectors Melbourne will provide a suitably qualified building inspector and a professional building inspection report for any property that someone may be thinking of building or buying.
  • When building, buying or selling a property, our reports provide total peace of mind.
  • All building inspections undertaken by Master Building Inspectors, adhere to Australian Standard AS 4349.1 requirements and we aim to exceed these conditions.  
  • When making one of the most significant financial decisions of your life, you need to be able to rely on a professional who is there to look after your interests.
  • Our building inspectors are truly independent and not affected by the emotion of purchasing a property.  

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